ABS 2018 - Program

Tuesday, September 11

16:00 | Registration and Check In

18:00 | Dinner

Keynote Session

19:00 | John Rogers, Northwestern University,
             "Soft, Biocompatible Optoelectronic Neural Interfaces"

20:00 | Welcome Reception


Wednesday, September 12

Microelectrode Arrays

08:30 | Douglas Weber,  University of Pittsburgh
“A wearable sleeve electrode array for high-definition electromyography”,

09:10 | Dustin Tyler, Case Western Reserve
System and Technology for Interface to the Peripheral Nervous System“

09:50 | Krishnan Thyagarajan, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
             “Intracortical magnetic stimulation of the brain”

10:30 | Coffee Break

Novel Materials and Form factors

11:00 | Tzahi Cohen-Karni, Carnegie Mellon University
             “Bioelectronics with graphene and graphene-based hybrid-nanomaterials
              – from transparent to fuzzy interfaces"

11:40 | Eleni Stavrinidou, Linkoping University,
             “Electronic Plants”

12:20 | Lunch and Free Time (Box Lunch if Desired)

18:00 | Dinner

Wearable Bioelectronics

19:20 | Martin Kaltenbrunner, Linz Institute of Technology, 
“Soft Electronic and Robotic Systems from Biocompatible and Degradable Materials“

20:00 | Benjamin C.K. Tee, National University of Singapore
“Bio-mimetic Tactile Electronic Skins “

20:40 | Poster Session


Thursday September 13

Tissue Engineering and Synthetic Biology

09:10 | Laura Poole-Warren, University of New South Wales
“Tissue-engineered bioelectronics“

09:50 | Sara Abrahamsson, UC Santa Cruz
“Multifocus Microcopy Optical Development for Bioelectronics Imaging”

10:30 | Coffee Break

Bioelectronics and Sensing

11 00 | Nader Pourmand, UC Santa Cruz
             “Nanopipette Technology for Single Cell Applications“

11:40 | William Bentley, University of Maryland,
             “Communicating with and controlling biology via biofabrication,
             synthetic biology, and microelectronics”

12:20 | Lunch and Free Time (Box Lunch if Desired)

18:00 | Dinner

Organic Bioelectronics

19:20 | Sahika Inal, KAUST
“Engineering Conjugated Polymers for Bioelectronics”

20:00 | Alberto Salleo, Stanford University
             “Polymer-based artificial synapses: device physics and array operation”

21:00 | Poster Session


Friday, September 14

Future Bioelectronics for Optical Stimulation and Sensing

09:20 | Diego Ghezzi, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
“Organic technology for neuroprosthetic vision”

10:00 | Guglielmo Lanzani, IIT Milan,
             “Non Genetic Opto Cell Stimulation”

10:40 | Markita Landry, UC Berkeley
“Imaging Striatal Dopamine Release Using a Non-Genetically Encoded
             Near-Infrared Fluorescent Catecholamine Nanosensor”

11:20 |  Selection of chair and organizing committee for 2018

12:10 | Free Time (Box Lunch if Desired)

18:00 | Dinner

19:00 | Talks from Poster Award Winners

21:00 | Farewell Reception


Saturday, September 15

08:00 | Breakfast

All meals will be at CROCKER dining Hall
All lectures and Poster sessions are in NAUTILUS
All meals, including lunch on Saturday Sept 15th (Box Lunch Available) are included in the conference fee